Fraud IQ Test



True or False?

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1. It's safer to carry and use credit cards than checks. 

2. It's a good idea to carry your Social Security Card with you. 

3. There's nothing you can do about all those credit card applications you

4. Once you have subscribed to the Colorado No Call list, you do not have to worry about telemarketers. 

5. There is a law that requires charities to spend a certain portion of their income on programs and services. 

6. Foreign lotteries are illegal in the U.S. 

7. Buying magazines or other products improves your chances of winning sweepstakes & contests. 

8. As long as you don't send any money or buy any products, playing sweepstakes is harmless entertainment. 

9. Work-at-home opportunities, like stuffing envelopes, is a legitimate way to make some extra spending money. 

10. Colorado has a State Contractors Licensing Board that licenses and approves contractors. 

11. It's okay to invite utility or water department employees into your home to conduct an inspection or to review water conservation. 

12. Securities dealers & investment brokers are regulated in Colorado.  

13. Once signed, legal contracts like Quit Claim Deeds, can be very difficult or even impossible to reverse. 

14. Giving Powers of Attorney to someone is always risky.