Acquiring Restitution Through Talent



The Juvenile Diversion Program was established in 1974 by state statute as an alternative to the traditional court process for first time juvenile offenders.

Acquiring Restitution Through Talent (A.R.T.T.) Program:
In 1994, Acquiring Restitution Through Talent (A.R.T.T.) was created as a way for juvenile offenders to earn money for restitution. They create, market and sell art in various mediums so they can pay back the victims of their crime. All proceeds from the sale of art items go directly toward restitution.

Types of art created by youth:
Art mediums include stained glass, monotype prints, ceramics, mosaic tile tablets, jewelry, and handcrafted exotic woodwork objects such as pens, pencils, and kaleidoscopes.

Staffing A.R.T.T:
Classes for clients are taught and supervised by Juvenile Diversion staff, interns, and community volunteers.

Benefits of A.R.T.T:
Benefits of the Acquiring Restitution Through Talent program include:

  • Victims receive restitution
  • Youth involved in the program learn a variety of skills and good work habits
  • Youth are engaged in constructive activities that are results-oriented.

Buying art from the A.R.T.T. Program:
Art created by youth is sold at fairs, festivals, university campuses, galleries and gift shops. It is also available for purchase at the Juvenile Diversion office at 303 West Colfax Avenue, Suite 1300, Denver.

For more information contact:

Office of the District Attorney
Juvenile Diversion Program
303 West Colfax Avenue, 11th floor
Denver, CO 80204