About The District Attorney

There are 22 judicial districts that make up the Judicial Branch of Colorado state government.  For a map of the 22 districts, click here.

Each judicial district is served by a locally elected District Attorney.  The City and County of Denver comprises the 2nd Judicial District.

The Denver District Attorney is the chief law enforcement officer in the City and County of Denver.  The District Attorney’s Office prosecutes state misdemeanor and felony cases in Denver’s County and District Courts, provides assistance to witnesses and victims of crime, and maintains an active community education and crime prevention program.  The Office provides training for police officers and sheriff’s deputies regarding legal issues in criminal justice.

The primary work of the Denver DA's Office is the prosecution of criminal offenders and support of the victims of those crimes.

In 2017, the Denver District Attorney’s Office filed over 12,200 new misdemeanor cases and over 7,000 new felony cases in Denver County and District Courts.

Our Mission and Values

Our mission is to professionally and competently prosecute crimes and investigate criminal activity on behalf of the people of the State of Colorado and to seek equal justice for all in the criminal justice system.  Our mission includes the prevention and deterrence of crimes, support of the well-being of victims, participation in the community, transparency, accountability, and improvement of the criminal justice system to provide fair alternatives to incarceration in appropriate cases.

Values of the Denver District Attorney’s Office

In its relentless pursuit of justice, the Denver District Attorney’s Office embraces these core values:


  • We evaluate each case on its merits to ensure that justice is administered fairly and without bias or favoritism.
  • We meet all ethical and professional obligations.
  • We honor the prosecutor’s sacred obligation to tell the truth.
  • We are steadfast guardians of the rights and liberties of every participant in the criminal justice system.


  • We listen carefully to the views of those who disagree with us.
  • We are professional and courteous in our private and public statements.
  • We treat everyone with dignity and respect.


  • We value and recognize contributions to our mission and values from diverse perspectives.
  • We are highly effective and efficient advocates, both in writing and in court.
  • We hire and train well qualified people.
  • We take pride in and do not compromise in our commitment to doing excellent work.
  • We help and support each other and work as a team encouraging diversity of thought, perspective and experience.
  • We exercise good and fair judgment (We do the right thing).

Support Survivors of Crime

  • We are compassionate, patient, and empathetic to crime victims/survivors and their families.
  • We listen to victims/survivors and honor their requests as possible.
  • We provide victims/survivors with support and a voice.

Community Safety

  • We build strong and collaborative partnerships with law enforcement and our criminal justice community partners.
  • We participate in community meetings and meet with community groups to listen to and address concerns, educate the public about ways to report and prevent crime, and encourage the public to participate in the criminal justice process.
  • We actively support civic and legal education.

Transparency and Accountability

  • We are open and transparent with the press and the public.
  • We are open and forthright with each other and those in the criminal justice system.


  • We constantly strive to do better. We look for ways to improve, individually and collectively.
  • We are open and adaptable.
  • We embrace new ideas and best practices to serve community safety and support survivors.

Denver District Attorney
201 W. Colfax Avenue, 8th Floor
Denver, Colorado 80202
Main phone number: 720-913-9000
Linea en Espanol-Fiscal de Distrito:
Email address is info@denverda.org