Criminal Justice Overview

Most citizens will hopefully never have involvement in the criminal justice process as a victim, witness or defendant.

Nevertheless, information is provided here to give citizens interested in or needing general knowledge about how our system works and what to expect in the prosecution process.

POST Credibility Disclosure Notification:

In 2021, a Colorado Law was passed regarding Peace Officer Credibility Disclosure Notifications (SB21-174).  The law requires our office to make available to the public written policies and procedures for disclosing specific information that may impact the credibility of a peace officer in a criminal prosecution to a defense attorney or defendant as required by the Colorado Rules of Criminal Procedure.

To view and download our credibility disclosure notification policies and procedures, click here.

The public may access a database of Colorado credibility disclosure notifications via the Peace Officers Standards and Training (POST) website at or directly at

Created January 21, 2022


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