“Prosecuting criminals, protecting the rights and interests of victims, and seeking fair and equal justice."


Greetings from District Attorney Beth McCann

Behind the thousands of cases we handle are dedicated employees who believe in the rule of law, who care about our community and victims
of crime, and who are tasked with doing what is right in a cumbersome and multifaceted system.

Within these website pages, you will read about the innovative programs we initiated, the number of cases filed, and much more.  But more importantly, I hope you read between the lines and consider the herculean effort of everyone in this office who kept the criminal justice
system moving forward during incredibly challenging times.

I believe in the work we do. Every decision we make impacts victims and their families, defendants and their families and our broader community. It is important that we continue to improve the criminal justice system. We recognize that there is room for continued growth, and we are always looking for ways to improve. To that end, I welcome your feedback. My commitment to you is to protect our public safety, strive for continued transparency and be continually mindful of creating a more just and equitable system of justice.

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Including elder abuse, child abuse, and student safety.


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Conviction Review Unit

Learn more about the conviction review process.

Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault

Resources to assist victims and survivors.

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Victim Assistance

Get the help you need with these resources.


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