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Greetings from District Attorney Beth McCann

Protecting public safety and holding violent criminals accountable is our top priority and the priority of every single prosecutor in the Denver District Attorney’s Office. We know from the 2022 midterm election results that violent crime was a topic most registered voters saw as a very important issue (Pew Research Center report, Violent crime is a key midterm voting issue, but what does the data say?).

Our new dashboard allows users to explore by both year and by quarter the number of felony cases we filed for prosecution involving a violent crime charge. What our data shows is that violent crime case filings are relatively consistent year-over-year. If violent crime is up, the question becomes, why are our violent crime case filings relatively flat?

To learn more about what's behind the numbers, I invite you to read our data story, If violent crime is up, why aren’t we filing more violent crime cases? by visiting our dashboard.

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