“Prosecuting criminals, protecting the rights and interests of victims, and seeking fair and equal justice."


A Message from District Attorney Beth McCann

The more than 240 employees of the Denver District Attorney’s Office work hard every day to protect the public’s safety and to administer justice in a fair and equitable manner. By collaborating with city agencies, the Denver Police Department, and County and District Courts, among others, we are playing an essential role in creating a positive impact in the lives of Denver residents.

Our office holds the power to influence how justice is administered and how it is perceived by the public. By advancing community-oriented and prevention approaches, I believe we can promote a smarter and more equitable system of justice for all Denver residents. The last words of our mission statement express what it means to be a modern prosecutor:

Prosecuting criminals, protecting the rights and interests of victims and seeking fair and equal justice for all.

What does it mean to be a modern prosecutor? The days of the “tough-on-crime” prosecutor resulted in mass incarcerations and were specifically harmful to communities of color. A modern prosecutor treats people with mental illness with humanity instead of confinement, helps those who are drug or alcohol dependent choose a better path, gives a second chance to low-level criminals, provides juveniles the opportunity to make better life choices, and, above all, is fair and impartial to people of all races and socio-economic backgrounds.

While we continue to make great strides in keeping Denver safe and in strengthening community trust, there is always more to accomplish.

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