Victim & Witness Assistance

Being the victim of or witness to a crime and going through the court system can be difficult and confusing. The Denver District Attorney’s Office is staffed by attorneys, investigators, support staff and victim advocates who are dedicated to advocating for victim rights and helping victims of crime access appropriate services. As a victim of crime you will be treated with fairness, respect and dignity by the Denver DA’s Office.

There are many different resources and services available. Some of these resources are provided directly by the Denver District Attorney's Office, and many others are provided by other agencies in the community.

The Denver Police Department’s Victim Assistance Unit is the primary law enforcement agency point of contact for victims when a crime has been committed but before criminal charges are filed against a defendant. The Police Victim Assistance Unit will update the victim or their family on the status of the police investigation and provide victim resource referrals and guidance.

Once criminal charges have been filed against a defendant, the District Attorney’s Office becomes the primary law enforcement agency point of contact for victims. A Victim Advocate is assigned to provide victims information about how the court system works and the current status of a case.

The victim advocates also assist prosecution witnesses through the process.

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