Victim Notifications


If you want to receive notification when a defendant has made bond, you must register with the victim notification program called VINE (Victim Information and Notification Every Day).  VINE can be accessed 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide the most current information regarding custody status changes and criminal case information.  In Denver, VINE only applies to notifications regarding Denver City and County jail inmates.

To register, call 888-263-8463 or go online to and follow the prompts.  You must have the defendant’s first and last name to register.  If you register online, you will be given the option of being notified of custody changes by phone, email or text message. When you register you will be asked for a 4 digit PIN.  You must enter the PIN both to receive the information and to stop the notifications.

Post-Sentencing Victim Notifications


Victim advocates keep victims aware of critical stages during the prosecution of their cases. After the case is closed, agencies other than the Denver DA’s office provide notifications to victims post-sentencing.

Click (English / Spanishfor more information as to why you should enroll in post-sentencing victim notification programs.

If a defendant is in the custody or control of one of the following agencies and you wish to be notified, please enroll with the agency directly.

Department of Corrections/Parole - DOC Enrollment Form
English / Spanish

Probation - Probation Enrollment Form
County Court

District Court - English Spanish

Notification may include current location, transfers, escapes, death while in custody, changes in probation and probation hearings, parole hearings, and probation, incarceration, and parole release dates.

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