Victim Rights

Being the victim of or a witness to a crime and going through court proceedings can be difficult and stressful.  Our district attorneys, investigators, support staff and victim advocates are here to ensure that each victim is treated with fairness, respect, and dignity. A victim advocate is assigned to most cases and is the main contact for victims, advocating for victim rights, assisting victims as the case progresses and keeping victims aware of critical stages of the case.

Victim Rights Act

Once criminal charges have been filed against a defendant, our office becomes the primary law enforcement agency point of contact for victims. A Victim Advocate is assigned to provide victims with information about the status of their case and assists victims and witnesses through the criminal justice process.

Colorado law guarantees that victims of certain crimes are protected by a law called The Victim Rights Act (VRA), which ensures that victims of crime are treated with fairness, respect, and dignity and that victims are free from intimidation, harassment, and abuse. See Crimes that fall under the Victim Rights Act for a full listing of these rights. The statute outlines the responsibilities of all criminal justice agencies and provides a way for victims to file a claim if they believe an agency has failed to uphold their victim rights. Read more about the Victim Rights Act in the Colorado Crime Victim Rights Brochure.

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