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News Release

July 14, 2023 Contact: Maro Casparian, Interim Communications Director, 720-913-9036

A Successful Fresh Start Event – Opening New Doors for Participants

DENVER— “I’m finally free,” shouted one woman as she danced her way out of the AID Center holding her cleared warrant.

 On Saturday July 8th 57 people with outstanding Denver warrants lined up outside the Assessment, Intake and Diversion (AID) Center  at 1370 Elati Street in Denver to regain their freedom as their 77 outstanding warrants were cleared.

 The Fresh Start program is a collaborative effort of several city agencies to clear up the thousands of outstanding city and state misdemeanor warrants for people who have failed to appear for their cases in Denver County Court. A judge and several clerks from the Denver County Court were present to handle the cases and enter data into the court case management system. The Denver County Probation Department and Denver Pre-trial Services provided staff to research and discuss cases. Attorneys with the offices of the Denver District Attorney and the Denver City Attorney, the State Public Defender, the Municipal Public Defender’s office, the Alternative Defense Counsel, and an immigration attorney met with attendees to discuss resolution of cases. When needed, a Spanish interpreter was available. The Denver Sheriff’s office was on hand for security purposes. Additionally, cell phones were made available for clients.

An outstanding warrant can have severe consequences; in addition to possible arrest, a person can be denied housing, employment or face restrictions on visitation rights.

Data from the event shows that 57 individuals attended the event with a total of 77 cases ranging from criminal misdemeanors to municipal violations or traffic tickets and were able to resolve or reschedule their cases. The oldest case heard was from 2007. Others who attended did not qualify for various reasons.

“I am very pleased with the results from the initial Fresh Start event at The AID Center. Individuals will now be able to move forward with their lives, free from the limitations imposed by an outstanding warrant. Where appropriate, we believe in second chances, and the Fresh Start program is designed to provide just that,” commented Carlon Manuel, Director AID Center.

Fresh Start will be ongoing Denver program anticipated to happen twice a year in the future.