Prosecution Units

The vast majority of the cases prosecuted by the Denver DA’s Office are handled by the chief deputies and deputy district attorneys assigned to the County or District courtrooms. There are also a number of specialized units and experts.

Every day, we work to be of service to the people of Denver. Behind the thousands of cases we handle each year are prosecutors, investigators, victim advocates and staff dedicated and committed to public service by securing justice and supporting the well-being of every person whose life we touch, most importantly survivors of crime. We represent, guide, and support the people of Denver during some of the most serious and devastating situations they will ever experience.

Each case filed is reviewed and routed to the appropriate prosecution unit within our office. Each prosecution is staffed by experts in that area of law.

County Courts

The County Court Division prosecutes all misdemeanor cases, including third-degree assault, domestic violence, and drug-related cases, and state-level traffic cases such as alcohol/drug-related driving offenses, careless driving, and driving without a license or insurance. The deputy district attorneys in this division are responsible for prosecutions in five County Court courtrooms.

District Courts

The District Court Division prosecutes all adult felony cases except those routed to the Office’s specialized crime units. The deputy district attorneys in this division are responsible for prosecutions in eight District Court courtrooms.


The Appellate Division handles appeals in the Colorado Court of Appeals and the Colorado Supreme Court, provides legal research and assistance to trial deputies, handles extradition requests, reviews requests for documents under Colorado’s open records laws, assists law enforcement with investigative matters, and provides training on legal issues affecting law enforcement and/or trial deputies.

Behavioral Health

The Behavioral Health Unit screens and prosecutes felony drug possession, alcohol/drug-related traffic offenders, and individuals living with mental health issues who are eligible for participation in Denver’s treatment courts and programs.

BHU files all drug felonies and felony DUIs for the city of Denver. The unit also assists narcotics detectives during investigations by issuing search warrants.

The BHU unit handles all Felony DUIs from filing to disposition or trial.

Cold Case

Specializes in prosecuting previously unsolved murders and rapes, often using DNA technology.

Conviction  Review Unit

The Conviction Review Unit (“CRU”) reviews post-conviction petitions, clemency petitions, and claims of actual innocence or wrongful conviction. Click here for more information and applications for review.

Organized Crime Unit

The Organized Crime Unit prosecutes cases that involve gang-related crime, gang membership or rivalry elements, cases in which the defendant, victim and/or witnesses are known gang members (especially those that are gang leaders), and cases in which the defendant has previously been prosecuted by the unit.

Digital Evidence

The Digital Evidence Unit provides critical assistance to our prosecutors and investigators, as well as to our law enforcement partners. The unit has several digital evidence software platforms, which allow our investigators and prosecutors to examine and prepare digital data more effectively District Courts


Economic Crime

The Economic Crime Unit investigates and prosecutes organized criminal activity, complex financial crimes, identity theft, theft, forgery, credit and debit card fraud, securities fraud, computer crime, embezzlement, public corruption, and election fraud. This unit also presents cases to the Denver Grand Jury.

Elder /At-risk

The Elder/At-risk unit prosecutes physical abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation crimes committed against adults over 70, as well as adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The unit works in conjunction with the Denver Police Department’s unit that is dedicated to investigating these crimes. The unit works closely with Adult Protective Services to identify those who need special assistance.

Family Violence

The Family Violence Unit screens and prosecutes cases involving all aspects of domestic violence, spouse and intimate partner abuse, child abuse, and child sexual assault.

Human Trafficking

The Human Trafficking Unit investigates and prosecutes cases involving commercial sexual exploitation and labor trafficking, working closely with law enforcement and community partners regarding the prosecution of exploiters and traffickers, but also assisting survivors in accessing services.


Police officers arrest suspects on felony charges and suggest appropriate charges to our office. However, the final decision on whether a person is charged with a felony – and exactly what felony is charged — rests with the office. Only cases that can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt are accepted as cases.


The Juvenile Unit screens and files all cases in which the defendant is between the ages of 10 and 18. Prosecutors in the office also determine whether a juvenile who has committed a non-violent crime is appropriate to be recommended for diversion. Click here for more information on Diversion and Restorative Justice Programs.


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