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Jury Information

As a resident of Denver County, you may receive a summons for jury duty. There are two different types of juries that you may be asked to serve on: a trial jury and a grand jury.

Trial Jury Summons

The most common summons you may receive is to serve as a juror for a trial proceeding.  The trial jury consists of twelve members for a felony and six for a misdemeanor. The jury listens to the facts in criminal cases and determines whether a person accused of a crime is guilty or not guilty of the crime charged.  Jury trials take place in open court in the presence of the judge, the jury, the defendant, the attorneys for both sides, and the general public.

The jury summons itself provides all the necessary information about where and when to report for jury duty. All summonses come through the US Postal Service. You will never receive a phone call regarding a summons or a missed summons.

If you have questions about the summons, please contact the jury commissioner at 303-606-2305 or  Do not contact the Denver District Attorney’s Office as we do not have this information.

Trial Jury FAQs:

Trial Juror Information

Grand Jury Summons

Denver residents may also receive a summons for a grand jury.

A summons for grand jury has requirements that must be completed upon receipt of the summons, whether or not you believe you should serve.  The summons directs you to complete and return a grand juror questionnaire within ten days after receipt of the summons.

Grand juries consist of twelve members and ordinarily meet once every two weeks and serve for a period of twelve months. Grand jury service may be extended for a period not to exceed eighteen months in total.

A grand jury has the responsibility to investigate and consider the evidence presented to determine whether probable cause exists to return an indictment against a person.  An indictment is the grand jury’s formal written accusation charging the accused person or persons with one or more crimes.  When an indictment is returned against an accused person, that person then becomes a defendant and will be given the opportunity to plead guilty or not guilty to the indictment.  If a plea of "not guilty" is entered, the defendant will then be required to stand trial in open court, either before a trial jury or before the court.  In short, the grand jury determines whether a person should be formally charged with a crime by indictment and thereby brought to trial.

If you have questions concerning your grand jury service, you may contact the Denver District Attorney’s Office at 720-913-9015 or

General Resources

Abuse & Protection

Adult Abuse or Neglect Hotline 720-944-2994

Child Abuse Neglect Hotline 844-264-5437

Adult Protective Service  Intake: 720-944-3000

Domestic Violence Resources  Hotline: 1 (800) 799-7233

Safehouse Denver  303-318-9959

Family Tree Colorado  Hotline: 303-420-6752

Colorado Coalition Against Domestic Violence  800-799-7233

Project Safeguard 720-618-3482


Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) Area Agency on Aging 303-480-6700

Center for Trauma and Resilience 303 894-8000 (English) (303-718-8289 Spanish)

Nursing Home/Long-term Care Resident Abuse

Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program 303-455-1000

Nursing Home/Long-Term Locator 303-455-1000

Seniors’ Resource Center 303-238-8151

Senior Law Handbook Colorado Bar Association

Network of Care – List of providers

Persons with Disabilities Resources

Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) Assistance Phone: 303-866-6010

Social Security Disability Benefits

Colorado Department of Human Services/DDS

Denver Department of Human Services/Disability Services  720-944-3666 

Colorado Department of Human Services, Aging & Disability Resources for Colorado (ADRC)   844-265-2372  

Programs for Individuals with Physical or Developmental Disabilities

Colorado Department of Health Care Policy & Financing (HCPF)

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, Health Care Program (HCP)  303-692-2370 

Advocacy Denver    303-831-7733

Disability Law Colorado  303-722-0300 

Mental Health Center of Denver   303-722-0300  

The ARC of Colorado   303-864-9334 

Child Support Enforcement Assistance   720-944-2960

Immigrant & Refugee Assistance

African Community Center  303-399-4500

Catholic Charities of Denver 303-742-4971

Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition 303-922-3344

Colorado Legal Services  (303) 866-9366

Office of Immigrant & Refugee Affairs  720-913-8471

Denver Immigration Legal Aid & Pro Bono Services Metro Volunteer Lawyers  303-860-1115

Colorado Lawyers Committee 303-894-6366

American Immigration Lawyers Association Colorado Chapter: 303-757-3334

Lutheran Family Services Rocky Mountains: 303-980-5400

Muslim Family Services  303-298-8776

Rocky Mountain Immigrant Advocacy Network of Westminster, CO  303-433-2812

Inmate Information

Denver City Jail  720-337-0200

Denver County Jail : 720-913-3600

Jail/Prison Inmate Locators 720-913-3600

Colorado Department of Corrections

Adult Parole Supervision Division – Denver (DOC)  303-763-2420

Parole Board  719-583-5800

Probation  303-607-7000

Parole 720-913-8300

Public Defender’s Office 303-620-4999

Civil Rights, Employment, Housing

Civil Rights Complaints  303-894-2997 Espanol: 720-432-4294

Civil/Small Claims Court/Traffic Division (County Court)  720-865-7840

Child Support Enforcement Assistance  720-944-2960

Colorado Civil Rights Division- Intake  303-894-2997 Espanol: 720-432-4294

Concealed Weapon Permits 720-913-6836

Denver City Government Services Call 311

Denver Health & Human Services 720-944-3666

Legal Assistance

Denver Court Forms

 Colorado Bar Association 303-860-1115

Colorado Public Defender’s Office 303-620-4999

Colorado Legal Services/Legal Aid 303-837-1313

Pro Se Resource Center—Denver County Court (civil)  720-865-8440

Room 280 A, Denver City & County Building

Rocky Mountain Victim Law Center  303-295-2001

LINC (Legal Information Network of Colorado) 720-583-2929

Colorado Bar Association  303-824-5323

Disability Law Colorado-Denver Office (civil) 1-800-288-1376

University of Denver Student Law Office (misdemeanor offenses only)  303-871-6140

Colorado Department of Labor & Employment (CDLE)

Identity Theft

Denver District Attorney’s Office Fraud Hotline 720-913-9179

General Tips and Assistance

Denver Police – File a report

Colorado Attorney General’s Office  800-222-4444

Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI)  1-855-443-3489

Federal Trade Commission 877-438-4338

Fraud Prevention Tips and Resources Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

Criminal Background Checks 303-239-4208

Denver Office of Independent Monitor 720-913-3306

Crime Report

Crime Stoppers—Anonymous Tips 720-913-7867 TEXT: 274637, then title DMCS & enter your message.

Denver Police Department Help Lines

Gang Hotline 720-913-1339

Graffiti (Report) Hotline

Text 311 or call 720-913-1311

LGBTQ Assistance

Hate Crimes Hotline 720-913-6458

LGBTQ Safe Place Program 720-913-2800

Sex Offender Hotline  720-913-6511

ONE Colorado 303-396-6170

Denver Police Department SafePlace 720-913-2800

Denver Police Hate Crimes hotline: 720-913-6458

Safehouse Progressive Alliance for Nonviolence (SPAN)  303-444-2424

The Center on Colfax 303-733-7743

Safe2Tell 877-542-7233

National Human Trafficking Hotline 888-373-7888

Legal Assistance

Colorado Bar Association—Referrals (civil & criminal)  303-860-1115

Colorado Public Defender’s Office—Denver (criminal) 303-620-4999

Colorado Legal Services/Legal Aid (low income) (civil)  303-837-1313

Pro Se Resource Center—Denver County Court (civil) Room 280 A, Denver City & County Building 720-865-8440

Rocky Mountain Victim Law Center 303-295-2001

LINC (Legal Information Network of Colorado) 720-583-2929 (Help Line)

Disability Law Colorado-Denver Office (civil)  303-722-0300 or 1-800-288-1376

University of Denver Student Law Office (misdemeanor offenses only) 303-871-6140

Emergency Needs Assistance

 Mile High United Way Call 211

Denver Police Department Emergency: 911 Non-Emergency: 720-913-2000

Assistance for Unhoused Persons

Colorado Coalition for the Homeless 303-293-2217

Denver Health & Human Services 720-944-3666

Mile High United Way

Sealing Criminal Records

Credit Reporting Agencies

Annual Credit Reports  877-322-8228

Equifax 800-525-6285


Trans Union 800-680-7289

Consumer Fraud /ID Theft Hotlines

Denver District Attorney’s Office Fraud Hotline 720-913-9179

Stop Fraud Colorado  800-222-4444

Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) 855-443-3489

Criminal Background Checks  303-239-4208

Denver Office of Independent Monitor 720-913-3306

Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI)  855-443-3489

Denver Police Department Emergency  911 Non-Emergency: 720-913-2000

Veteran Services

Volunteers of America Bill Daniels Veteran Services Center  720-501-3367

Colorado Department of Military and Veteran Affairs  720-398-7157.

City & County of Denver Veteran Services  720-944-3500

Veterans Administration—Benefits  303-914-5763

Veterans Administration—Community Resource & Referral Center  720-501-3367

Volunteers of America—Back Home (SSVF) 720-501-3368

Volunteers of America—Women Veterans Program Referral Lines: 720-663-0471 or 720-501-3369

Behavioral Health University of Denver  303-871-7942

University of Denver Law—Veteran Advocacy Project  303-660-6421

Colorado Bar Association  Lawyers for Colorado Veterans Legal Clinic 303-824-5323

Financial Health Institute  303-204-3144

Team Rubicon  719-286-9589

Soldiers’ Angels  210-629-0020

The Mission Continues  720-507-0612

Metro Veterans Upward Bound (Metro State University of Denver) 303-556-3305/3024

Honor Bell Foundation  303-717-6974

Volunteers of America—Women Veterans Program Referral Lines:  720-663-0471 or 720-501-3369

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