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District Attorney

Second Judical District

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Denver, CO 80202


News Release

March 13, 2024 Contact: Matt Jablow, 720-913-9025

DA McCann Testifies in Support of Gun Legislation

DENVER — Denver District Attorney Beth McCann testified today at the Colorado State Capitol in support of House Bill 24-1348, which would prohibit knowingly leaving a firearm in an unattended vehicle unless the firearm is stored in a locked hard-sided container that is not left in plain view or that is in the locked trunk of the vehicle.

A long-time proponent of sensible gun laws to make Denver a safer city and Colorado a safer state, DA McCann highlighted several important facts during her testimony, including:

  • Unsecured guns in vehicles are a major source of stolen guns in our communities and those guns are often then used to commit other crimes.
  • The most recent data from Denver Police shows that 506 guns were stolen from vehicles in 2022, 511 in 2023, and 62 in the first 2 ½ months of 2024.
  • During those same years and months, 456 guns were stolen in home burglaries, which is less than half the number of guns stolen from vehicles.  A bill that was approved by the legislature in 2021, which requires safe storage of guns inside a home, likely contributed to a decrease in guns being stolen in home burglaries.

“As District Attorney, I see the tragedy and heartbreak of gun violence almost every single day and constantly hear from people who are begging us to do something about it.  This bill is a simple and effective way to address gun violence in our communities without interfering with the right of people to own guns.  Instead, it simply reduces the chances that a person’s guns will be stolen and used to commit other crimes and hurt other people,” said DA McCann.

About the Denver DA’s Office:

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