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Posts by Maro Casparian

Scammers Are Rotating Around Hurricane Florence

When disaster strikes, we often look to, and see, many charitable organizations stepping up to provide the much needed support to those affected. It’s during these times that these organizations see an uptick in contributions.  Without our support, many of these charities would not be able to operate.  When our hearts ache for those in harm’s…

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Scammers Can’t Wait For Back-to-School

In this month’s newsletter, we are providing some tips to keep your college- bound children safe from falling into a scammer’s trap. Additionally, you may find the information from the FBI’s Yearly Internet Crime Report very interesting.  For each state, the Internet Crime Complaint Centeraka IC3 report, tracks the categories of scams, the number of people who were…

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Beware the Smiling Emoji

Who among us hasn’t enjoyed enhancing a text or an email with a wink, a nod, or even a hat. These icons are adorable.  They take the place of words, save on character space, and provide a little emotional intent behind your words.  And, for the most part, emojis are harmless.  But we wouldn’t be talking…

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Bad Typing Skills Can Get You Scammed

  Typos.  At best, they are an embarreeesmint!  At worst, making a typo when you enter a website name into your browser, may just get you scammed. It’s called a typo-squatting scam. A recent report stated that more than 12 million web users have fallen victim to the typo-squatting scam in the first 3 months…

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WARNING – Tax Scams on the Rise

The Denver District Attorney’s Office is offering tips and warnings as the 2018 income tax preparation season begins its busiest month. “Filing day is fast approaching, but while citizens are busy gathering their documents, receipts, bank records and other information, identity thieves are also busy, scheming of ways to get citizens’ tax refunds and steal…

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Western Union Refunds Scam Alert

Please be aware the of this most recent scam regarding Western Union refunds. Fortunately the FTC is alerting the public.  As a general reminder, NEVER give any personal information to anyone who has reached out to you via phone, email. March 22, 2018 by Karen Dodge Staff Attorney, Midwest Region, FTC We’ve heard that people…

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