Denver Criminal Courts

Denver County Court

County Court is where all misdemeanor criminal cases begin and end, and where most felony criminal cases begin.

In a felony case, if after a preliminary hearing the County Court judge decides there is sufficient evidence to prove the defendant more likely than not committed the crime, the felony case is “bound over” to Denver District Court.

County Courtroom Locations

County Courtrooms are located in both the City Jail (Van Cise-Simonet Detention Center), 490 W. Colfax Ave., and the Lindsey-Flanigan Courthouse, 520 W. Colfax Ave.

Case Number Tip

Both the District Attorney and City Attorney’s offices prosecute criminal cases in Denver County Court. One way to determine which office is handling a particular case is to look at the case number.

District Attorney’s Office: Case numbers start with a year, then letters “CR,” “M,” or “JD,” then a number, as in 16CR01234, 17M1234, or 15JD7891

City Attorney’s Office: Case numbers start with a year, then letters “GV,” “GS,” or “D,” then a number, as in 17GS1234 or D5678, or your paperwork says “General Sessions Summons and Complaint”

To contact the City Attorney’s Office:

Call: 720-913-8050
Website: Click here

Denver District Court

District Court is where felony cases are tried.

In some instances, instead of being considered first in County Court, the most serious felony charges are filed directly in District Court, or as the result of a grand jury indictment.

If misdemeanor and felony charges are both included in a case, and the case is bound over to District Court, the misdemeanor charges are tried along with the felony charges in District Court.

District Courtroom Locations

District Courtrooms are located in the Lindsey-Flanigan Courthouse, 520 W. Colfax Ave. The Courthouse and City Jail (Downtown Detention Center) are located across the street from each other.


Lindsey-Flanigan Courthouse
520 West Colfax Avenue


City Jail (Van Cise-Simonet Downtown)
490 West Colfax Avenue (Also County Courtrooms 2100 and 2300)

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