Denver Problem Solving Courts

Drug Court—District Court 

Drug Court is a specialized court designed to provide offenders the opportunity and responsibility to manage their substance abuse problem through probation supervision and close judicial oversight. Potential participants undergo screening by the District Attorney’s Office to determine their eligibility for Drug Court. The Drug Court process is designed to move quickly so that offenders can begin treatment and supervision. An eligible offender who wants to take part in Drug Court pleads guilty to the charges at second advisement (a hearing held within days of an arrest) and is immediately sentenced to Drug Court supervision and mandatory treatment. 

RESTART—District Court 

The RESTART (Recognizing and Establishing Smart Treatment Alternatives for Recovery and Transition) Program is for individuals arrested on their 4th or subsequent DUI, DWAI or DUI Per Se offense.

An alternative to lengthy incarceration, it is a multi-phase program that includes conviction, jail, and probation sentence, intensive community supervision, treatment, and substantial judicial oversight. Potential participants undergo a separate pre-sentence screening by the District Attorney’s Office to determine their eligibility for the program.

Upon entry into the program participants serve a jail sentence, and while in jail, participate in a substance use treatment program. Upon release, participants are referred for treatment with one of the contracted providers which includes but is not limited to individual counseling and group therapy. While the RESTART docket is part of the Denver Adult Drug Court, RESTART has a different phase structure and other requirements that differ from those in the drug court program.

Sobriety Court—County Court

Sobriety Court is a special treatment court in Denver County for misdemeanor offenders.  It was developed to reduce the recidivism of drunk driving in Denver. This program is voluntary and eligibility for the program is based on legal screening. It consists of three phases and is approximately 19-24 months in length. For information about this program click here.


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