Happy 2021!

Happy New Year!
As I begin my second term as Denver’s District Attorney, I want to thank you for your support during the first four years. We have faced unprecedented challenges in the past year.
At this moment in time, the very concept of justice is being discussed throughout the country. Our office has the responsibility to look at the criminal justice system through a wider lens than just how many convictions we win, but how we can heal a victim’s pain, divert youth away from incarceration in to programs that will reform their approach to life and provide mental health programs to those whose additions drive unlawful behavior.
I ran for this office because I believe that this work is important. Upholding public safety is one of the most important functions of government, if not the most important. By ensuring we live in a society that’s governed by laws, we help shape what kind of society we’re going to have. It is our responsibility to the people of Denver to advance a society that is just, equitable and compassionate so that all of us can have trust in our criminal justice system. 
I look forward to serving the community for the next four years.
I encourage everyone to take care of your family, friends and neighbors by following health regulations to stop the spread of horrible virus COVID. We must work together to ensure this next year will be far better than last. Read the information below surrounding the red flags surrounding COVID vaccine scams. It’s important to get the vaccine and stay stay safe from scammers at the same time.
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Stay safe and well,

Protect Yourself From Covid-19 Vaccine Scammers

Scammers thrive on opportunities to take advantage of consumers. The COVID-19 vaccine distribution is exactly the type of opportunity scammers’ love. This website is a good resource:

https://www.denvergov.org/Government/COVID-19-Information check often to see if there are any updates. While many people are waiting to get the vaccine and we encourage everyone to get one, we want you to be sure you are communicating with a legitimate healthcare provider. We are providing you with the RED FLAGS of COVID vaccine scams to make sure you get vaccinated, not scammed. First, it is important to know there are 3 phases of vaccine distribution. When you receive the vaccine depends on what phase you fit in(click on the illustration to take you to the website.

How will I be notified that I am due for a shot?
Your current and existing medical provider or your existing major healthcare provider network such as Kaiser, Denver Health, UC Health, Patient Portals or pharmacy will reach out to you. In most cases, you will receive an email, with possibly a link to click on or asking you to log in to your medical porter where you will receive information that the vaccine is available for you. Your healthcare provider has all necessary information about you.      CHECK BEFORE YOU CLICK! It is easy to fake logos or stationary. Before responding to communications from a doctor, pharmacy, health department, or other health care practitioner, verify the source of that communication. 

  • If the email comes from a healthcare network or provider that you have not done business with, it may be fraudulent. Don’t click, call your healthcare provider to confirm.
  • Check the chart above. You can expect to hear from your healthcare provider or healthcare network about the time the phase you are in begins.
  • The manner in which you will be contacted may vary. However, it is likely to be an email with a link attached or via phone or your physician health portal. 

EMAILS WITH LINKS, phone calls from unexpected caller are standard scammer methods. So how do you know you are being legitimately contacted?  
If you receive an email with a link, take a moment to determine if the email is from a legitimate provider. Tips to detect fraudulent emails are available here.
Still not sure? Reach out to your healthcare provider via a phone number you already have and ask them to verify that they sent the email.
PERSONAL INFORMATION: Other than possibly confirming or providing your birthdate, you will not be required to provide ANY personal information to the caller or within the link.
Not your social security number, not your bank account. If the email or caller asks for any information, hang up and/or do not respond.

You will not be required to pay. If the caller or email requests payment for the vaccine or to make an appointment hang-up or delete. This is not a legitimate outreach.

Still have questions? Call, your pharmacist, 3-1-1 or check the websitehttps://www.denvergov.org/Government/COVID-19-Information for additional information.