October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

We talk about it all the time – change your passwords, secure your Wi-Fi network, enable multi-factor authentication, limit what information you post on social media, practice safe web surfing and on and on and on. Some adhere to these best practices, while some have the best of intentions but just don’t take the time to implement security precautions.

Security surrounding all types of cyber connections is getting more and more critical. There has been an increase in fraudsters hacking emails, phishing for your data and accessing your home networks. It is time to do your part to protect yourself.

This month, we are dedicating the newsletter to National CyberSecurity Month by providing tip sheets that walk you through the steps to ensure your devices are securely connected.

Download and save these tip sheets, forward them on to friends and family and most of all, take action.

Keep in mind we provide virtual presentations on this topic. See below on how to schedule a talk. And above all,

Stay safe and well,


Passwords Tip Sheet
Identity Theft and Internet Scams Tip Sheet
Online Privacy Tip Sheet
Cybersecurity While Traveling Tip Sheet
Phishing Tip Sheet
Multi-factor Authentication Tip Sheet