Work-At-Home Scams

Work-at-Home scams are becoming increasingly problematic. Layoffs, furloughs and unemployment provide fertile ground for scammers to victimize people.
So many people think they would never fall victim to a scam. How I wish that were true. This month, we’re providing two videos. One of a former scammer who shares the tricks of the trade and the other of a woman reflecting on the time she fell victim to a work-at-home scam.
Even if you think you will never “be one of those people”, please take a moment to watch. Listen to how convincing and unrelenting scammers are. In one video, the former scammer made $50K a month pitching the American dream of being your own boss. As he says, ‘It’s really just listening and learning how to manipulate people.”

Consider having our fraud specialist provide a virtual presentation to your organization on how to protect yourself from fraud and scams. You may just learn something, even if you would never fall for a scam. Click here to send an email and schedule a presentation.

The first video below is a bit long, but there is so much interesting information. A former scammer who made millions of dollars in work-at-home scams, until he was caught.

The second video allows you to watch a woman who fell victim to a work-at-home scam. Watch this and see just how savvy these con-artists are and watch for the clues that, unfortunately, the victim could have picked up on.

As always, be safe. Beth

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